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TV Advertising Reviews available to view on line or DVD.

As you stroll down Memory Lane…

National Geographic, Frontline, production companies,
Ad agencies and their clients all trust USATVADS to locate hard to find commercials from years ago.

If you have a project requiring better quality than You Tube, please contact us.

We have digitalized a selection of TV Ads from our library for you to view. These are examples of Ads on file from the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s and on.

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If we have confirmed that your ad is on file you may order it immediately online. Many video formats are available to choose from.

TV Ad Rates

Current rates are based on the age of each TV Ad and range from $99.00 to $495 for our oldest TV Ads.

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Nearly four Decades of TV ads on file

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America’s oldest Library of TV Commercials

Over one million TV Ads on file since 1975.

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When you look at commercials from Yesteryear, you realize how important it is to have the best possible image quality. For more than three decades,we have always utilized the very latest equipment to capture and preserve commercials. That is why today our Library offers unsurpassed image/sound quality on more than 1,000,000 commercials.